Review: Are the Mickey Birthday Cake Oreos tasty?

In honor of Mickey Mouse celebrating his 90th birthday in November, Oreo has released a special run of custom Mickey Mouse Birthday Oreos. Available in most grocery stores around the country, the special limited-edition cookies have a unique birthday cake flavor and three Mickey cookie designs.

Needless to say, we had to pick these up when we saw them at our local store. The packaging is a lot of fun, with Mickey Mouse prominently featured on the front. We were a bit nervous about the cookies themselves because birthday cake flavoring sometimes tastes phony or like plastic.

To our surprise – and even to our delight – the creme on these cookies tasted like Funfetti frosting. It even looked like Funfetti frosting! Note the missing cookie … we couldn’t wait to try these.

These were delicious!

Neither of us are huge Oreo eaters, though we’ll admit they’re tasty, but we enjoyed these specially-flavored Oreos more than we expected. We may even like them more than traditional Oreos, but that might just be because we love the Mickey theming. Or we just really love Funfetti frosting.

Note that these are some pretty sweet cookies. We mean that literally. They taste like you’re eating straight frosting, which is pretty awesome, but can be a bit much after you’ve had one or two.

Pick these limited-edition cookies up while you still can!

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