Disney Dream Updates Include Expanded Concierge Lounge, Funnel Suite, and New Quick Service Dining

The Disney Dream is receiving several new updates when it returns to Florida in Fall 2024. Among the changes are a new and expanded concierge lounge, a new multi-story suite in the ship’s funnel, an updated quick service dining option, and changes to the youth clubs onboard.

Several of the new elements coming to the Disney Dream will be familiar to Disney Cruise Line guests who have sailed on the Disney Wish. We’ll first outline some of the new changes and then provide some commentary at the end.

Updated Oceaneer Club

A portion of the current Oceaneer Club on the Disney Dream will be changed into the Worldwide Engineering Brigade. Our guess is this updated space will take over the dated Disney Infinity Game Room, while Andy’s Room, Pixie Hollow, and Star Wars spaces remain.

New funnel suite on the Disney Dream.

New Funnel Suite

Like the Disney Wish, a new two-story suite will be built inside one of the ship’s funnels. This space is currently occupied by Edge, which is the youth club for kids ages 11-14. Edge will move to a new location on Deck 5, and the new funnel suite will become the new premium accommodation on the Disney Dream.

Disney says the suite will be themed to Fantasia and the “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” scene. The theme of flowing water will be captured in the carpet patterns and chandelier design.

Updated concierge lounge on the Disney Dream.

Concierge Lounge Changes

The concierge lounge on the Disney Dream will be expanded and will be redesigned with a look that is inspired by the movie Hercules. Disney is aiming for “light and airy” details in the updated lounge space. With some staterooms reportedly becoming concierge staterooms, the expanded lounge should be able to handle more guests.

New Quick Service Dining

On Deck 11, a new quick service dining option will bring a fan-favorite from the Disney Wish to the Disney Dream. A cantina will join the list of quick service choices, and while Disney didn’t dive into details, it sounds like it’ll match Donald’s Cantina on the Disney Wish.

Disney Dream - Disney Cruise Line

Are These Worthwhile Updates?

These are going to be polarizing changes for long-term fans of the Disney Dream class of ships. The “Wishification” of the Dream is underway, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see similar changes made to the Disney Fantasy in the future.

We think the Oceaneer Club change is a big positive if it truly is replacing the Disney Infinity Game Room. We also think the cantina quick service options is a win as it’s home to arguably some of the best food on the Disney Wish.

Unfortunately, that’s where our complements end. Moving Edge to a Deck 5 location and out of its unique spot is a loss. Edge, and Vibe to an extent, will suffer from this change. But, Disney makes bank on the funnel suites and is clearly making them a priority. We’re curious how this change will be received by Disney Cruise Line’s youngest guests. The combined Edge/Vibe space remains to be seen, but who thinks these age groups want a ball pit?

We’re also not fans of the concept art for the expanded concierge lounge. While we’re not opposed to an update, we’re beyond tired of Disney’s minimalistic, clean designs that lack any distinction. Would you ever guess the space is inspired by Hercules? Probably not. The only indication is a picture on the wall. That’s not theming in our opinion, but we’ve made our thoughts on Disney’s modern minimalist designs well known.

Finally, we’re disappointed Disney continues to push for more premium spaces with substantial upcharges. The funnel suite is one example. The additional concierge space is another. This sort of change has been seen repeatedly at the theme parks with Disney prioritizing higher-paying guests.

Overall, we love Disney Cruise Line and we love the Disney Dream – though not as much as the Disney Fantasy. We’ll be super interested to see how these changes are received by guests.

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